New MSN Emotions

At the moment we have a great variety of MSN emotions and backgrounds online. Below are the newest additions to our website.

MSN Emotions

We are here to supply you with msn emotions! You can browse through all of our emotions via the categories on the left hand menu. If you would like to know how to install our MSN emotions, there are instructions at the bottom of each page.

MSN emotions (or emoticons!) are a superb way to express your feelings. Sure, you can do that with the emoticons supplied by MSN, but if you want to go that bit further then browse through our categories to see what you can find! As you can see, we offer fourteen different msn emotion categories, all with many smileys, feelings and emotions in!

Also, we do backgrounds for MSN Messenger. Obviously, these go in the backgrounds of MSN while you are chatting. So now you can have the ultimate chatting experience with MSN, using both our backgrounds and emotions!

If you do not know what they are, msn emotions are small smileys and images that can be used in the MSN chat client, Messenger. As well as being used in MSN, the emotions on our website can also be used in other chat applications. When you play bingo online, most will have a chat window available during the game, they can sometimes be used here too. Emotions are basically another method of spicing up your chatting experience! Also note that some people call msn emotions, msn emoticons. It is also known for them to be called msn feelings!

If you don't already know , Msn is a lot more than just a chat program. It is also host to a lot of games that you can play. A lot of these you can play solo or you can play with one of your friends over the msn chat. With lots of well known games already being supported, such as Tic-Tac-Toe, Rock-Paper-Scissors along with all your favourite casino classics such as blackjack, slots, poker and many more, it's no wonder why messenger is and always has been a popular choice among users. With Msn constantly updating its messenger client , you can be sure that they will only be adding more and more games as they update the software.

MSN emotions are best for communicating with people you know well. They'll surely appreciate the expressions you send them. Everyone has a favorite, just don't overuse it.

If you do not know how to add our emotions to MSN, then look at the bottom of the page. This provides a step by step walkthrough on how to include them in your chat sessions. Do remember though, you can only have five emotions said on one line! Also, the emotions on here can also work with other chat applications, such as Yahoo!, AOL Instant Messenger or ICQ.

Installing MSN Emotions

  1. Download and save the image to your computer.
  2. Open MSN. If you have not got the latest version yet, download it from Messenger's Official Website (
  3. Find "Tools" on the top menu, before scrolling down and selecting "Create Emoticons".
  4. In the new window click "Add".
  5. Next, click "Find Image" and locate one of the emotions you saved.
  6. Enter a keyboard shortcut and (optional) a name.
  7. Well done! Your emotions for MSN have been installed!

IMPORTANT! Remember that is completely independent, and in no way affiliated with Microsoft, MSN, or MSN Messenger. We are just here to supply you with the best emotions for MSN on the net!

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