Privacy Policy

The following statement will inform you on how collect information from it's users. If you feel that we have not covered everything, or have a general query on how and if we collect different types of information - then please contact us. values your privacy greatly, and that's why we will never distribute any information that we do collect, in any way.

Our website statistics program collects information such as your hostname and user agent, but, as said before, this is never distributed to anybody. The statistics program also shows where our visitors come from - this can never be tracked down to any specific person, and just states what percentage of users come from each country.

Our partner sites may place cookies on the occasional advertisements that are displayed on our website. Although the cookies do not collect any personal information, they may enable the partner site to relate to your usage of their site - if you click on their advertisement.

On some features of (the "contact us" section for example), you are required to give personal information about yourself. In sections like that all information is voluntarily given by you, and is treated like all other data we collect - confidential.

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